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Questions for Interviewing a Family Attorney

Attorney Style and Reputation:

Do you have a philosophy about divorce that underscores your practice?

What process for divorce do you most often engage in (Collaborative, Mediation, Litigation?)

How would another lawyer describe your style and approach to getting to a settlement?

How would your clients describe your style and approach to getting to settlement?

Who is your ideal client besides the one who pays their bills?

How does your ideal client conduct themselves during the divorce process?

Do you pay close attention to my financial and time constraints, my temperament, and my attitudes toward conflict? How do you determine what those are?

What would others say about what you are like to work with?

What Kinds of Service Can I Expect:

How will we work together?

How available will you be for me?

Will I have your cell phone number?

Will you personally respond to my emails?

Will I actually be working with you, or with an associate?

How would I as a client get a question answered without an appointment with you?

Are there others in the firm who would be familiar with my case and could answer questions when you are not available?

What is your preferred method of communicating questions?

How can I best prepare for meetings that will be most cost effective for me?

Are you okay with your clients utilizing a divorce coach?

What is your role in effectuating the settlement?

Before charting a particular course, do you perform a corresponding evaluation of "the other side"?

Fees for Your Services:

Will you do either/or unbundled legal services versus retainer only?

How much is your retainer?

What is your hourly rate?

What are all of the transactions for which I will be billed?

Will I be billed for emails? By the question?

How do you prefer payment? Credit cards, checks, etc?

To end the interview:

What else should I be asking you so that I am confident we are a good match for representing me?

What else do you need to know so that you can assess whether I am a good fit for your firm?

All articles & V/Blog posts are for informational purposes only, and do not constitute legal advise. If you require legal advise, retain a lawyer licensed in your jurisdiction. The opinions expressed are solely those of the author who is not an attorney.

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