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My Journey to Coaching

I understand first hand, through my own divorce, the heartache and destruction that can occur when individuals are making life-altering decisions while overwhelmed and not operating at their very best. My divorce began immediately in conflict and without guidance, it quickly escalated. After over 3 years of litigation, my family had spent over $400,000 of our savings, lost the ability to continue jobs, our peace of mind and sense of security. 


The aftermath continued to erode the last bit of trust left from our 20-year marriage and the negative impacts have affected our children years after the divorce decree was signed. When I realized that divorce doesn't have to destroy, I felt compelled to take my years of experience working with families in the behavioral health field and seek out evidence-based training to help others dealing with a high conflict separation and custody issues. I don't want one more parent to go through my unnecessary pain as it is possible to successfully get through the business of divorce and face the internal work and emotions of it all without feeling like you are losing your mind!


My name is Lorie Hardin and I am a CDC Certified Divorce Coach and Divorce Mediator specializing in high conflict separation and custody issues. I help my clients regain a sense of peace, security and to feel like they're in control of their life again! 


If you would like to discuss with me how I can help you reduce conflict, the expense of drawn-out litigation and make clear and reasoned decisions without regrets; contact me for a complimentary discovery consultation. 

Together we can set goals needed to successfully navigate and overcome any difficult problem you are facing to find a new path ahead!


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